Foolproof Guide to Orlando Vacation for First-timers

Anyone visiting the United States ensures that he makes it to Orlando and its popular theme parks. If this is your first time in the city and is wondering where to start and what to do, this guide will come in handy.

Theme Parks:

Theme park Orlando


Walt Disney World, Universal Orlando and SeaWorld are the world famous theme parks in the city located within a 15-mile radius. Grab some great deals and discounts by booking tickets ahead of time. Dining with Disney’s characters is the real fun, and you can do it by making reservations prior to your visit. Visitors who need a guided tour can contact the staff directly.





How can you not hit the pristine sandy beaches when you are in the Sunshine State? But the thing Orlando has no beach to flaunt – that does not mean you cannot realize your dream of spending an afternoon at the glorious beach. The closest beaches to the city of Orlando are Daytona Beach, Canaveral National Seashore and Cocoa Beach. All these beaches are easily accessible. The tranquil west coast beaches, such as Tarpon Springs, St. Pete Beach and Clearwater Beach are just a short drive away. You can go fishing, kayaking, swimming, paddle boating, deep sea fishing, kite boating, knee boarding, rafting, rowing, surfing and windsurfing.


Water Parks:



Splash the water at the world’s most popular water parks. Wet n Wild, Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon, SeaWorld’s Waterpark, Disney’s Blizzard Beach and Aquatic are to name the famous water parks. The good thing that your family will love about these water parks is they are open all year round. Indulge in water activities, dine at the restaurant and return to one of the best vacation villas in Orlando, Florida.


Kennedy Space Center:



If your group or family has budding scientists, Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex is a must visit attraction. It’s a once-in-a-life-time experience. Kids will learn a lot of things about science.

Where to Stay?

Finding a perfect accommodation is an obvious concern for large groups and big families. When your vacation exceeds more than a week or so or even for just 3 days, it is wise to rent a vacation home. Orlando vacation condos and homes are well-decorated and furnished. Embedded with upscale amenities and sophisticated furnishings, these vacation villas in Orlando, Florida woo visitors with homelike ambiance.

Make sure you book a condo well in advance to bag some offers if running.

What You Need to Know about Clearwater Beach Vacations

A global travel destination that continuously thriving for better, Clearwater Beach, a prominent beach vacation destination in Florida, the United States of America, has become a seat for families, large groups, senior people, young couples, retired couples and college students. What’s so special about it? Why a large number of crowd throng to this tiny beach hamlet?

If Clearwater Beach fascinates you with its pristine beaches, fine dining, extensive boardwalks, electrifying nightlife and crystal clear waters, why not get a deeper insight of it by doing a little research and know everything about this flourishing travel hotspot before you actually set off on the journey?

Besides its primary attraction i.e. the beach, Clearwater tourism has thrived to a great extent and preserves a wide range of attractions to surprise its visitors.

Clearwater Marine Aquarium: Families with kids and groups with young members will find this marine reservoir simply great. The marine aquarium is home to the dolphins. The aquarium also rescues and releases marine animals.


Pier 60: Besides sinking into the breathtaking sunsets, Pier 60, an open air entertainment venue, is a fantastic place to get souvenirs.


Water Sports & Beach Activities: Let the warm waters of the Gulf saturate you, lie down on the soft sandy beach to get soaked in the sun and then plunge into swimming, parasailing, scuba diving and jet skiing. Running out of options? No Way!


Sand Key Park: Boasting a total area of 95 acres, Sand Key Park entices nature lovers and couples who like to spend some time in serenity.


Go Golfing: For professional golfers, Clearwater Beach brings a wide gamut of options. There’s no way that you would spend a day without hitting the golf course. You will further be glad to know that the U.S. has some of the finest golf courses located here in Clearwater region.


Clearwater Beach enjoys mild climate all year-round. This is a strong reason to why the beach destination is often noisy and crowded. This has further encouraged hotels and lodgings increase their prices, ultimately giving vacationers an option to choose Clearwater Beach condo rentals.

Clearwater Beach vacation rentals make wonderful accommodation choices for all types of travelers. Vacationers looking for rentals not closer to the beach will also have their share of choices. Pools, spas, saunas, modern kitchens, sprawling backyards, barbeque, lavish interiors, cozy bedrooms and immaculate bathrooms – you name it, Clearwater makes sure you have it without banging your head off.

3 Things to Make Great Carolina Beach Condo Rentals

Last month, I was in Carolina and had rented an apartment. Though the stay was fine, it was not great. It came to the light when I got inside the property that there are certain amenities missing, leaving me awe-struck. Well, this is not the first time that I rented a vacation rental property. I’m a repeated vacation rental guests (considering its potential than other lodging options like hotels and expensive resorts), and it, in some or the other, gets me thinking should I book one next time I plan my tour.

I have outlined a few tips for every rental property owner to have a glance at and rectify the errors (if they are making) to retain customers.

Embed Home-like Amenities to Make Great Family Accommodations:


Vacation rentals are perfect for families. Not all home owners are too serious about it. When they wish to welcome families, creating home-like ambiance, embedded with an array of kids-friendly amenities is an added advantage. Families with kids look for kid gear so that the tiny creatures stay busy indoor, letting senior people relax and jet lag.

Show Up What Is Shown on Screen:

Bedroom Carolina beach vacation condo

Value your customers and be honest with them. Mentioning 4 bedrooms with 1 King Bed, 1 Queen Bed and 2 single beds but actually equipping 1 king bed, 3 single beds is not cool at all. If you have photos of 4 bedrooms, make sure that there are 4 bedrooms for use instead of 3 or 2 and remaining rooms are for storage. If the property is 20 kms far from the nearest airport, don’t describe it being a stone’s throw distance from the rental. Don’t confuse them with big promises unless you actually fulfill it.

Have a Kitchen:

kitchen at carolina beach condo

No guest wishes to bother his rental owner with frequent emails asking the things available for use. Most vacation rentals come complete with kitchens and culinary supplies. When guests book a villa or an apartment they don’t want to bring coffee maker or oil, salt, sugar, dishes, glass, pans, etc. They are here to enjoy the vacation, not to take burden and get worried. Put yourself in the position of your guests and imagine if you cope up with the situation (if the stay is deprived of supplies and amenities). It is frustration, isn’t it?

Keeping your Carolina Beach condo rentals clean mesmerize guests and intrigue them to become your repeat guests.

Unfold Massanutten Secrets

What would be your reaction when you find yourself standing on top of the mountain cliff, letting the cool breeze caressing your soft skin and capturing the most breathtaking scenery that nature has bestowed? WOW!!! Isn’t it? If you have ever wished to live such a beautiful moment, it is Massanutten calling.

Unwrap the secrets of Massanutten right from the balcony of one of the stunning Massanutten vacation rentals. With a myriad of options to choose from, travelers can pick the best ones based on the amenities and the location. The points of interests, attractions and exciting activities are some of the crowd pulling ingredients, which Massanutten flaunts. What fascinate the adventure lovers to this part of Virginia are incredible climbing and hiking options, apartment from the seasonal photo opportunities of soaring mountains, greenery and lush valley.

Outdoor Secrets Revealed:


The best way to unfurl Massanutten’s secrets is to take up some outdoor activities. Indeed, the area brags off implausible outdoors. Flaunting unbelievable hiking trails, Massanutten Mountain intrigues vacationers to a world of verdant beauty. A trek to the Shenandoah Valley will not only revitalize your senses, but also bestows you the exquisiteness of the valley. Hiking trails in Massanutten is available all through the year. Tuck in to the wilderness as you opt for a horseback riding, as an ultimate alternative to trekking. With golf courses abound, including Woodstone Meadows Golf Course and Mountain Greens Golf Course, challenging your partner is not a bad idea.

If you have had enough on the land, embarking on the water might bring the best in you. White water rafting down the Shenondoah River is pretty famous among summer visitors. During the fall, appreciate the changing colors of the leaves. Hit the Terrain Park in winter only to find tough and tricky rails, tables and moguls. For some real adventure, a hot air balloon ride seems to be an amazing option. Capture some of the most intriguing and stimulating photos as you drift up to the clouds on a hot air balloon ride.

Events & Fiestas:


Having an entire home to yourself further bequeaths you the fun and luxury of immersing in various events like a local. The Valley Fest is a notable event that captivates locals and visitors alike with its lip smacking delicacies and wines, live music and unique shopping experience. The annual festival occurs in May. If your vacation is in August, be fortunate to witness a beer garden, a petting zoo and lot more in the Mountain Jamboree. The Fall Festival draws visitors from far and near and lets them experience the chairlift rides.

Massauntten is crammed with seasonal activities that can best be experienced from the best comfort of Massanutten home rentals.

Climate That Varies:


Not just spectacular landscape, verdant surroundings, luscious dishes and awe-striking outdoor activities, Massanutten is also well known for its not-so-stable climate. From skiing on 25 inches snow in winter to resorting to air conditioning in summer, each season in Massanutten brings something for the vacationers. Come in spring to indulge in the splendid wildlife and mountain wildflowers.

3 Best Places to Visit in Florida on Vacations


“Florida is a place that captures the imagination.” – Walt Disney, the developer of Walt Disney World, world’s most popular entertainment complex, was absolutely right when he reveled in the beauty of Florida. The dreamy landscape lures millions every year. It is the perfect spot to witness the madness and fun of vacation. Truly, the Sunshine State has fantasies of a magical kingdom. As you take your trip to this magical land, you are bestowed with a wide gamut of wonderful things.

Vacationing in Florida will certainly entitle you with a number of eye-catching and fascinating places to visit. If you are planning a trip to this wonder land, get ready to stumble upon a handful of surprises that would embellish your path every now and then.

Walt Disney World:


Those who think Florida is all about Walt Disney World they are right, partially. No matter how much of a discerning vacationer you are, Walt Disney World is going to soften you for sure. For people who love to add wings to their imagination and wish to get inspiration where they go, this is definitely the spot to go. Be it the youngest kid in the group or the oldest person in your family, Walt Disney World has something for everyone. The Magic Kingdom, being the star attraction, keeps visitors engaged with Parades, Cinderella Castle, Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, Astro Orbiter, etc.



Lies on the southeast part of the Florida Peninsula, Miami, once a little citrus town, is now a major vacation hotspot in Florida. Mild climate with a vibrant mix of Colombian, Haitian and Cuban cultures, Miami stuns avid travelers with its sun-kissed beaches, turquoise waters and distinctive art deco architecture of Miami Beach. Among other notable sights to visit in the pulsating city are South Beach, Ocean Drive, Bayside Marketplace, Bayfront Park, Vizcaya Museum and Gardens and Zoo Miami.

Sanibel Island:


Tall swaying palm trees, white sandy beaches, mild climate, endless summer, aromatic breeze and tropical setting, Sanibel Island makes an ideal beach escape in Florida. Bike around this striking barrier island and pamper your taste buds with delectable fresh seafood, there’s more to do on the barrier reef island, which is often considered as heaven by many. Though most part of the island is protected, vacationers still have their part of fun by getting indulged in tennis, golf, etc. Why not make your vacation a lifetime memory by booking one of the best Florida vacation rentals?

5 beautiful lakes you can only visit by kayak


Due to the challenges in travel, sometimes you can only visit places by kayak or canoe. Thankfully, these places are worth it as Kayakers can dip their paddles into these five beautiful lakes you can only visit by kayak.

Blue River – Greenland


In Greenland, the use of kayaks is deep into their history as there are certain areas you can only access through a canoe or kayak. The Blue River was formed by melted glaciers as the water settled into low areas of the glacier. This ultimately makes an amazing river in a stunning shade of blue. The only way to view the beauty of the blue river is through kayaking the river.

Glow Worm Caves on Lake McLaren – New Zealand


Prepare to tour the sunset as you paddle through the glow worm caves on Lake McLaren. Only here will you find the walls and ceilings come alive with glowing shades. The glow of the iridescent worms will guide you through the cave back to the lake shore.

Soca River – Slovenia


From the Trenta Valley, the Soca River is 86 miles long as it glides through the canyons and mountain scenery. The lake is known for its breathtaking shade of color that continues for miles. It is a popular attraction for kayaking and canoeing. Be preparing for tight squeezes and rapids along the river.



While the main areas of Antarctica can be traveled by foot, certain passageways are left by icebreaker vessels that make kayaking the best way to explore. Allow your kayak to float through the glaciers, whales, and seals for one of the earth’s most beautiful sceneries.

Milos Island – Greece


The vibrant shades of blue allow you to explore the clear beaches and natural hot sprints only through the help of your kayak. Glide through the coasts of the island of Milos as the island is surreal from every angle.

What other places have you visited where you can only travel through Kayak? Let us know!

3 reasons why you should go to Shenandoah


Shenandoah Nation Park is one of America’s “must-experience” places in the country. With millions of visitors every day, this super accessible national park in Virginia is a great place to take a day trip. If you are looking for more convincing, here are three reasons why you should go to Shenandoah.

Their Waterfalls are Impressive

The Shenandoah National Park offers impressive waterfalls that protect a particular area of the Blue Ridge Mountains. The tallest waterfall in the park requires a 6-mile hike while there are other accessible waterfalls including the Cedar Run Falls, Whiteoak Canyon Falls, and South River Falls.

Large Wildlife

With almost 200 birds and 100 species of reptiles and mammals, the Shenandoah National Park is highly favored for their frequent visits from white-tailed deer and black bears. We recommended that you visit early in the morning and late evenings to increase the chances of seeing wildlife. Driving through the Skyline should also give you a better opportunity to catch a glimpse of the regular black bears that are found throughout the day.


Unlimited Hiking Trails

With over 500 miles of hiking trails, various trails offer different views of the mountain peaks. There are easy trails in Big Meadows that lead to several viewpoints. If you’re looking for a challenge, there are overnight and full-day hikes that trail deep into the forest.

Aside from the many ways to experience the wonders of nature, the Skyline Drive offers an impressive road along the crest of Blue Ridge Mountain. This 100+ mile road goes from north to south through the park with over 70 different lookout points to catch a view of the mountains. The road can be finished in one day, but we recommend at least 2-3 days for the total experience.

4 gorgeous lake cabin rentals in the US


Summer and spring season is the best time to head to your lake cabin getaway. With amazing surrounds and natural scenery, it can be hard to decide where to look. Whether you’re looking for a secluded cabin or full lake resort, here are 4 gorgeous lake cabin rentals in the US.

Grey Eagle Lodge – California


Located in the Lakes Basin area, the Gray Eagle Lodge provides guests with the opportunity to reconnect with Mother Nature and not the WIFI connection. There are 20 cabins on the property as each is far enough from each other to give users a sense of peace and privacy.

The Farm Lodge – Alaska


Located in Port Alsworth, the Farm Lodge offers luxury accommodations within the waterfront as guests can choose between two types of cabins. Each comes with a covered porch, heat rooms, water and private bathrooms.

The Lochaerie Resort – Washington


The Lochaerie Resort offers private cabins within the Olympic National Park. Since its start in 1926, guests have been visiting during all season of the year. Its rustic atmosphere gives the entire personality of the cabin as there are six to choose from. Guests can wear a canoe, kayak, hike, sailing, and walking paths.

Northern Lights Resort – Minnesota


The resort is an iconic getaway for families looking to head into nature and enjoy the great outdoors. There are 12 rental lodge cabins to choose from along the lake. The cabins came in various sizes and designed to fit around 4-6 guests. Guests have the opportunity to relax on the private beach, ride a hydro bike, go fishing, rent a boat, and play on the floating water park and more.

Where you choose, make sure that the cabin lodge fits your needs and expectations. There are many amazing cabins to choose from. Just be sure to bring your own food as many don’t have restaurants on site.